Noticing is it seemsThe truest of magicsWe look at things as they look backIn open wonder that we see them so constrictedlyHeld so carefully inside ourselves that we become parasiteSymbiosis rejected for submissionYet the hunger remains in us, gnawingOur bellies contract painfully at the voidAnd so they cry out to us, who will not hear … Continue reading Place

Across the Threshold

Skin-slipped snake-likeUnused as I am to allowing the simple grace of tenderness, of transition.Struggling against sensitivity,Callow, gawky without my sharp-edges,No longer a creature against which the world may break itself,I am instead broken open.With a finality like birth, like dying into myself,Strangely conscious of everySingleMoteGlistening diamonds in the web.Trailing fingers as across the lips of … Continue reading Across the Threshold

Sap Rising

Choking wordsCold, claggy at the back of the throatCoating all with the would-be eloquence of the web-walled volubility evinced by madmen and poetsA magpie mind chattering half-recognized associations illuminated by dustAnd the half-eclipsed silvering of a howling moonHowling, head-shaking cries, syllable-veined and shatteringI long to illume life in the darkness of a hand clasp, a … Continue reading Sap Rising


Words tumble out in random orderTones flat, colored by pain and fatigueWorld as mirror, leaden and grey,Diffusely menacing.I am striving, clawing, screaming soundlessTo achieve,To keep moving,To not lie down and sink into nothingness,Watching this strange puppeteer within, choking on tears and jagged thoughts.Glutted with it, infectious, lost.I know this place, it's denizens, it's truthsThis wild … Continue reading Recursive