Words tumble out in random orderTones flat, colored by pain and fatigueWorld as mirror, leaden and grey,Diffusely menacing.I am striving, clawing, screaming soundlessTo achieve,To keep moving,To not lie down and sink into nothingness,Watching this strange puppeteer within, choking on tears and jagged thoughts.Glutted with it, infectious, lost.I know this place, it's denizens, it's truthsThis wild … Continue reading Recursive


Wind tears the soul speaking from my lipsLaden with a roaring silence, leaden yet vigilantThe heart race quivering stillness of watched and watcherBleeding the thick black viscosity of loss and grief and a rage too weary to carry itself one step fartherStanding firm in the onslaught is not the way of the wild thingThis storm … Continue reading Hungry