I have been engaged with Erin Aurelia's Imbolc Advent. As part of that, and as part of my larger work and play in the worlds, I have been germinating the Word I was given last Sunday. Tonight that all wove together, words as container, or perhaps as the wild tendrils which slowly reach from within the seed, seeking light. It holds within it all that has arisen in and been shown to me these last weeks, and these many years of joy in Herself.


The world is rent open;I would mend it.And if I cannot, I will decorate the edges,a fine tracery, veined to feed us.We all of us need those wild places,after all,where our own brokenness may settle again into that strange song that is our self.Let it arise in you,and in each other.Nurture the bramble and the … Continue reading Threaded