Imbolc Offering

The Apprenticeship Cycle, recorded Imbolc 2021. Photo taken by AN Gorniak, 2/1/2021.
I want to mention the artists represented here: the statue is from Dryad Design’s Paul Borda (, the drawing to the the right is Imbolc by Alexandra Rena (, and the embroidered Cros Bride below was made for and gifted to me by my dear friend Katelyn W. (

I was a bit uncertain when Brighid requested that I record some of our poetry to celebrate Imbolc this year. It is actually really hard to read poetry when you are being recorded; I did not expect it to have the effect it did! It is also very strange to hear myself, as I sound nothing like myself in this recording.

Still, it is important to give what is asked of us and so I give this to Her, and to you. It contains a thread of poems from mid-2018 through to the end of 2019 and first weeks of 2020. They were written as part of what Brighid and I refer to as my “Apprenticeship” prior to my initiation at the end of 2019 and the changes it set in motion in my self, my heart, and my life. Hopefully it brings some glimmer of light, of the rising of sap and light and hope that accompanies the first changes early in the spring. May her footsteps stir the fires of your heart and hearth, and may she flow through you bringing nourishment.

May you walk the path. And may you be well. 💚🔥💦🌼

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