Prayer a Day- November 25

A prayer on returning:I plant my feet a little more firmly, roots tunneling deep with easethrough old familiar channelsin the limestone,the sharp chill of flint,sudden wealth of watersdeep beneath.The earth,crumbled and cracked,soaks up the offering I pour,saying simplyHome.I am home.At last.Image of a chipped flint-like gray rock resting on it's side on duty Earth. Image … Continue reading Prayer a Day- November 25

Prayer a Day- November 20

Each year the dead are numberedWe speak their names in whispers, wails, songsWe keen them to the echoing dark, leaving foodAnd drinkAnd flames to light the wayAt the crossroads and thresholds, with murmured exhortations430 souls we mourn this night430 offerings we pourMay they find their pathsMay they find their godsMay they find their ancestors open-armed … Continue reading Prayer a Day- November 20