Ursa Major

I feel if I could touch my heart, my hand would come away bleeding
A mighty claw hooked free that core of poison given as medicine
By ones who would have loved me if they could
It did not want to come free so much so that I could not tell
Whether I clung to it or it to me, but the taste was so familiar
Pulled out the innards of all I hide from who I am
Said “look, look at yourself, no less messy or disarranged than any who lives”
I feel the burning of light let through, my finger weaving webs into windows
In the walls of fortress-rooted to cathedral-rising
A wild profusion fragrant from my feet arises
Fed by the blood and bone work that is mine to do
The tooth and claw on brindled wing calling for what sustains us
Red-blood earth crescent crowning a forehead touched by glacial flow
I am the mountain pouring over you, all honey-warm and melting
Given up to it, blooming in the breath between

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