safety is (not) a passage

Molten I am, cracking my shell,devour my own abandoned flesh;nutritive, my hunger burns the hotter,a sacrifice shrouded in the roots which rundeeper on the path at our feet, the pathfound only in what feeds us.lapping waters spill from lipslimned by a fresh confusion,opening vistas ordered along newly broken lines;a narrative written in breath and beingand … Continue reading safety is (not) a passage

On Sinking Back in Service of Flourishing

I've been thinking a lot about growth and growing in this season of our lives... We are in a time that involves many stressors, adverse conditions that reduce our access to the things that nourish us: relationships, physical contact with other living things/people, genuine leisure time, a sense of basic safety in our environment and … Continue reading On Sinking Back in Service of Flourishing

Coming into the body, an invitation

I've been doing quite a bit of embodiment work these last few years, and have really increasingly done so since the advent of COVID, with it's free floating impact on so much around me. As with many people with complex and developmental trauma histories, I historically dissociate from my bodily experiences except when they are … Continue reading Coming into the body, an invitation

Pain as language, and other conversations

Thoughts tonight on learning the language of the body as a person with chronic pain and autoimmune issues arising from childhood adversity: The body doesn't have thoughts, it has sensations. The thing is, emotions are these complex things that often really start with sensations in the body to which we ascribe meaning, and many of … Continue reading Pain as language, and other conversations