Three Tools: (a writing workshop):

One: Collaborative Wordbank: (mountain):
Rooted in the waters
Their flow the beginning and the edge of being
A lush invitation, to the depths falling
There is refuge only in the walking
Settled rhythms working
The deep release of standing in now

Two: Frame of Reference: (a teapot):
Writer to Object:
Hard edged but not angular
Ridged and communicative to fingertip and tongue
Warm, wet inhalations fragranced with fondness
Memory as medicine
A comforting weight in the hand and heart
Nourished, relaxing into relationship
With plant and place, and the taste of an old friend
Teasing delight in herbaceous sweetness
Honey-hearted, puddling in the belly
A calling back to self and sensation
In the ceremonies of service
By which we know ourselves to be home

Object to Writer:
I know my own shape through your touch
Lifted, graceful lines
I feel my weight in your resistance
The delight of warm pooling waters
A lush diffusion of flavor and feeling
Through my belly, your cool hands
Tightening reflexively, tracing
My warm exhalation, flowing
Then settled back, again waiting to serve

Three: Reflection: (memory: the first hug):
This is the moment I come home
A ritual greeting like the dance of dogs, leaping and laughing
Demanding their share of the hello
Giving way to the pull between us
Beginning in tension, arms akimbo, tile cold on my feet
Arms lifted, tightening,
The scent of you, nose buried where your neck and shoulder meet
Taking you in, settling
Gradual then all at once, softening
Bodies pliant, the familiarity of skin and scars
and bristly hairs that scratch my cheek
Held and holding against the gravity of knowing
And being known

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