Prayer a Day- November 29

A prayer to Tulsi,
with whom I am coming into relationship:
Tulsi, blue-visaged herb
making sacred the soil in which you root,
teach me to consecrate the places I root
that I and those with whom I share this space
may flourish.
Center of all pilgrimages, growing within yourself
the sacred stories of all that
could ever come to be,
inspire in me the unfolding of those stories that
best serve my communities.
Holy one, melodical scent arising
in steam and smoke and sacred breath,
show me the steps to dance across
the threshold of every moment
as the spindle of the worlds.
Tulsi, holy basil, your taste upon my tongue
flavors my prayers;
may I thus embody all you teach.
I honor you.

Prayer is overlaid on an image of the Tulsi plant, also known as holy basil, specifically the Krishna varietal with outta kiss of deep blue-purple.

Image from Pixabay on Spark Post.

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