A Lughnasadh Prayer

Written by AN Gorniak, 2021. Image from Spark Post free image gallery, chosen because I made whole grain pancakes and berries for my own offering.

I stand before you, Shining Ones,
and offering I bring.
Tailtiu, Foster Mother, who gave freely all that you could give that your people may eat;
Lugh Samildánach, who knew the worth of your many skills and so used them freely
Championing your people’s cause;
I bring you the fruits of my own harvest and my own skillful ways in celebration of your gifts.
I ask your blessing, that the harvest of my work and my skills may likewise nourish my community, that all may flourish.
Lugh Lámfada, Tailtiu
I praise your names, your deeds, your virtue.
Please, accept these offerings
Given in celebration and with love.

So may it be.

May your own harvests, and the work of your skillful hands and loving hearts, be a blessing to you and yours, that you all may know flourishing.

Happy Lughnasadh!

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