Prayer a Day 2020- November 2

Zephyr, weaving your caress into hair,trailing across dampened cheeks and trembling eyelids,Your gentleness an undoing, untangling the silencing snarl of grief and rage and hopeweighing breath and body and heart.Your invitation to presence a playful exchange, tension turned effervescent in my bones and I awaken to safety and to choice.Empyrean one, gratitude flows through me, … Continue reading Prayer a Day 2020- November 2

Personal Religion Essay

10. A brief account of the efforts of the Dedicant to develop and explore a personal (or Grove-centered) spiritual practice, drawn from a specific culture or combination of cultures. (600 words min.) PERSONAL RELIGION ESSAY My personal Druidry is animistic, oracular, ancestral, devotional, and polytheistic. I would say that primary among these things is devotional … Continue reading Personal Religion Essay