Prayer a Day- November 20

Each year the dead are numberedWe speak their names in whispers, wails, songsWe keen them to the echoing dark, leaving foodAnd drinkAnd flames to light the wayAt the crossroads and thresholds, with murmured exhortations430 souls we mourn this night430 offerings we pourMay they find their pathsMay they find their godsMay they find their ancestors open-armed … Continue reading Prayer a Day- November 20

Prayer a Day- November 13

Today I am graniteSun warmed, stubbornly aliveHarboring strange and clinging grassesShelter to the nimbleAs the waters pour over and through meTeaching me to know my ownever-changing shapes in the worlds.I am gratefulFor the heights and depths sounding in meFor the relationships that situate my lifeFor the opportunity to nourish the lives of others.Solid, I stand.Solid, … Continue reading Prayer a Day- November 13

Prayer a Day- November 12

Peals like bells in the shadowed glens of my secret selfspeaking jubilantly of transformationand the lustrating fires of your forgeBrighid, I am gratefulfor the time between, for the quenching waters of your healing well flowing within meEven as the quiet voice of my own heartlongs for the invitation inherent in the crucibleof relationship with self, … Continue reading Prayer a Day- November 12

Prayer a Day- November 11

I honor you, sweet and healing honey.Your depths transport me to the mountainous woods from which you come,awakening the reverberation of some distant drum behind my breastbone,of stalwart Earth embracing my spine.You made welcome my Allies,Musty, rooted Chamomile,Woody, redolent Lavender,Truly cordial, enlivening a heart weighted by sorrowNourishing all that lies within.I thank you for your … Continue reading Prayer a Day- November 11