Prayer a Day- November 23

As with any relationship, sometimes in our relationships with the godden we make mistakes or fail to follow through in ways that require efforts to restore trust and good will. Hence, a prayer to accompany a piacular offering:

Cerridwen, Wise One, I would honor you in your many guises, stirring the depths from which wisdom is born.
Yet though promises made are to be promises kept, this I have not done.
Lady of the Caldron, I call to you, contrite at my failing. I make offering to you in expiation, and as reminder of the need to do and be better.
Inspired and Inspiring One, please grant me your pardon for my error even as you help me be accountable for the making of it.
Cerridwen, please, accept this offering!

Image of a cauldron from Pixabay on Spark Post.

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