On Sinking Back in Service of Flourishing

I've been thinking a lot about growth and growing in this season of our lives... We are in a time that involves many stressors, adverse conditions that reduce our access to the things that nourish us: relationships, physical contact with other living things/people, genuine leisure time, a sense of basic safety in our environment and … Continue reading On Sinking Back in Service of Flourishing

Prayer a Day- November 25

A prayer on returning:I plant my feet a little more firmly, roots tunneling deep with easethrough old familiar channelsin the limestone,the sharp chill of flint,sudden wealth of watersdeep beneath.The earth,crumbled and cracked,soaks up the offering I pour,saying simplyHome.I am home.At last.Image of a chipped flint-like gray rock resting on it's side on duty Earth. Image … Continue reading Prayer a Day- November 25