Making a Cros Bríde

As a Brigidine, making this was a small offering to Herself, and to you my community. I am not Irish. The traditions of honoring Brighid are alive and well and deeply meaningful there and I encourage you to access content from those sources. I find they bring me a kind of quiet gladness when I open myself to take them in.

In the video my words are rather like a rambling path. One of the ideas I reference is that some know Brighid as a goddess of the dawn, like Eostre or Eos or Ushas. As you watch, and then make your own Cros Bríde, I encourage you to think of that moving from East to West in terms of what is dawning in your own life. What do you wish the see flourish in this time? What is germinating within you?

Perhaps you are a bulb, a snowdrop or crocus, with all you need to bloom already inside yourself at the end of this cold season. Perhaps you are an annual, going to seed and growing in slightly different ways, slightly different places, with each new cycle. Perhaps you have needed to cut yourself back to woody stems so that tender new shoots may unfurl in all their glorious profusion. Whatever it is, touch that place within you that holds these seeds, these dreams, this Self, and engage with what it would be to live that as it dawns within you and moves through this cycle of your life. Let yourself deepen into it, and play.

Side note, though I give a PG-13 warning at the beginning, it is PG at worst, not PG-13 as I expected (nor more than that, as prior versions might have been!). May you find in this something of my joy in serving her, of humor perhaps, or of lightness, even as she lights the hearths in our hearts. May you be well. 💚🔥💧🌼

Myself making a Cros Bride, or Brighid’s Cross, on video as an offering to my Grove Community.

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