Resources to explore:

Stephen Pollington: The Elder Gods, and also The Meadhall

Bill Griffiths: Aspects of Anglo-Saxon Magic

Alaric Hall: Elves in Anglo Saxon England

Karen Jolly: Popular Religion in Late Saxon England – Elf Charms in Context

Kathleen Herbert: Peace Weavers & Shield Maidens, Women in Early English Society, and also Looking for the Lost Gods of England

Suzanne Rance: The English Runes

Carver, Sanmark, and Semple: Signals of Belief in Early England

Richard North: Heathen Gods in Old English Literature

The Cloister Walk (monastic life and ordered religious life)

Priests in a People’s Church (why do we need a priest when ask are equal in baptism)

The 48 Laws of Power

A History of Pagan Europe

The 21 Lessons of Merlin (crap not scholarly but interesting)

Claude Lecoteaux The Tradition of Household Spirits**

Carlos Castenada

The Lost Gods of England

The Bathhouse at Midnight (Baltic)