Prayers and Liturgy

From sun and moon, from earth through fire, I am nurtured and blessed by this meal. Gratitude and honor to all those beings whose work and spirit made it possible, and may I act with compassion and honor to Them in turn. So Mote It Be. -me, simple meal blessing

We receive this food in gratitude to all beings
Who have helped to bring it to our table,
And vow to respond in turn to those in need
With wisdom and compassion.

-Buddhist gatha for a meal

Charm in the Full Moon (no idea on author):

Look to the moon when she is round
Luck with you will then abound
All you seek for shall be found
In sea, or sky, or solid ground

I take up my pen and invoke Oghma: God of writing, make my way smooth. I take up my pen and invoke Brighid: Inspiring goddess, inflame my words.


The fire of Brighid is the flame on my hearth. The fire of Brighid is the flame in my heart.


Triple fire shining in the hearth of our home, Brighid, healer Brighid, to you our worship, to you our hearts calling. Triple flame burning in the hearth of our strength, Brighid, mighty Brighid, to you our worship, to you our hearts calling. Triple blaze leaping in the hearth of our souls, Brighid, poet Brighid, to you our worship, to you our hearts calling. Triple tongue speaking, to you we listen.


In your sacred space, light a candle in a holder you can carry, or an oil lamp if you prefer. If you wish, sit for a moment with the candle and review your day, what you accomplished, what you are grateful for, what you wish to amend.

When you are ready, go around your home, turn out the lights, and make everything secure, taking the candle or lamp with you. At the door/s of the house, draw a cross over the doorway with the candle, saying:

Blessed be this house

From site to stay

From beam to wall

From end to end

From found to summit.


Envision bands of light encompassing and protecting your home.

Go to your bedroom. Extinguish the lamp or candle with the following words:

I am smooring the fire

As Brigid would smoor:

 May she bless the fire,

The family, the home;

Brigid the fair to guard us

Till fair day wakes us.


Settle into bed and repeat the following prayer before sleep:

I am lying down tonight

 At peace with my kindred,

At peace with my forebears,

At peace with my gods.

The sacred Three

To save, to shield, to surround

The hearth, the family, the home

This night and every night With the ebb, with the flow.


Go to sleep.


The waters support and surround me,
The land extends about me,
The sky stretches out above me,
At the center burns a living flame.
May all the kindreds bless me.
May my worship be true,
May my actions be just,
May my love be pure.
Blessings, and honor, and worship to the holy ones.